After a couple years at least, I am sitting down to work to update my website. There is a page on here that is advertising Mother's Day presents for May 14. I just googled what year that was. 


My two older boys are in the kitchen arguing about if the walls will break. I'll leave them to it. 

There is no quiet. Only noise. Sometimes I just curl into a ball in the closet. This is partly why orders have been taking so long to go out. I'm spending too much time in the closet. Or the bathroom. I can lock the bathroom door. 

I try to remember that someday they won't want to constantly follow me around talking non stop. And that I should treasure these times. But with the virus, everything is closed. No playgrounds, zoos, schools, swimming pools to burn off their energy. I'm taking the full brunt of their energy all day, every day and have no outlet. 

Yes. Things are opening back up. I'm not in a rush to go back to normal though. Mostly because of the people who don't take it seriously. They're the ones I fear. 

I'm lucky to be able to do my day job from home. Even though it is pure chaos. I get overwhelmed though and, again, end up sitting in the closet or bathroom. Letting the laundry pile up. Letting the dishes pile up. Letting the jewelry work pile up. 

2017? That was also a weird year for me. 

Not covid-19 weird, but still a roller coaster.

But that's a long story. I should edit that Mother's Day page...