It's a little late in the morning at this point...but I'm gonna charge on! So far my morning has consisted of laundry, coffee, baby, coffee, starting work, coffee, cleaning, and now I'm running out of coffee.

I haven't been quite so productive in awhile and I'm pretty sure it's so I can put off thinking about what this coming school year will look like! Our school district is in a hot spot city so we are starting three weeks late AAAAAAAND strictly online for the first quarter. I'm not so concerned about my oldest. He's super smart and loves learning new things. He had a little taste of online school at the end of last year. He will miss his friends but will adapt quickly.

My middle boy, however, is due to start Pre-k this year. How, oh how do we do Pre-K online? Hahaha! I'm lucky to have been working from home even before Covid hit the world hard, so I don't have to worry about them being home. But there hasn't been any info on how the school system is going to handle Pre-k. I'm in the dark and wondering if I have to homeschool him AND work AND worry about my jewelry business.

I'm slowly working them into a school day routine. I've been buying some of those Target Dollar Spot school items in preparation for my my possible endeavor. We been implementing an earning system for screen time. It works most of the time. When it doesn't it's my own doing. Some days I'm completely wiped out with all the screaming and fighting and constant calls of "Maaaaahhhhhhhm" that it's hard to be consistant.  


For now, this is where I am though. Working, inconsistent sleep, trying to come up with and education plan whilst not being a teacher, constant anxiety, and making second pots of coffee daily.