About B. Radley

Hi! My name is Martha Stewart and I'm the face and hands behind B. Radley! I'm based out of Cleveland, OH. While studying art at The Ohio State University I discovered a passion for ceramics and sculpture. After almost ten years of selling crafts, I finally grew a set and bought a tiny tabletop kiln. It's the perfect size for my tiny jewelry creations!



Why buy handmade?

When you buy from a handmade artisan you're supporting an actual person not a stock value. Now I'm not saying stop shopping at Target, because you can bet you're hand knit socks that I love me some Target. But when you can, keep your dollars local. This makes your city, state, country, and even the world a more vibrant place to live!


When you're buying a B. Radley original, you not only get an awesome piece of jewelry! You're also supporting my three handsome boys!

Does that mean you deserve a card on Mother's/Father's day? Probably.

Will you get one? Send me your address and find out.



Need to reach me in a rush? Email martha@thatsbradley.com

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram!

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