This Website Thing.

I've encountered many setbacks in my small business. I would say about 90% of those setbacks are simply because of horrible time management on my part. I could sit there and blame it on my kids but I've always been bad at keeping on a schedule. Mind you, they've definitely made it worse, hahaha! 

What is my point? Well...I'm 85% just trying to fill a space on the front page of my website. It's taken me close to a year and I'm still not near being done. 5% admitting I have a problem with deadlines and keeping my brain on track. Math...math. And 10% asking for tips and tricks that you use to solve your time management problems! Advice from busy moms will be given extra points, but all are welcome!

So. This website thing. 

It will be done soon. Uh, right. Right!